Tips on effective referral marketing

January 19, 2011

Business CardThe blog “KF Communications” has an interesting story about a stylist named Amber in Texas who has mastered the art of referral networking. The blog author goes on to mention,

Every time I mention a beauty-related service I need, she has a card right at hand for just the right person.  And I’ll just bet that person has her card, too.

The article hits a very important note: knowing the right people, and being genuine in your efforts to help that person’s business, is the key to finding that same favor returned to you. The stylist who is the master of referrals wouldn’t dream of giving a card to someone that didn’t need it. She doesn’t go out and actively push her friends’ and associates’ businesses. She talks to people, and if she sees an opportunity to make a valuable connection, she takes it.

Head on over to KF Communications’ blog to read the rest of the post; it’s helpful to remember some of the key tips of successful referral marketing.

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Photo Credit: Susy Morris on Flickr
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