Evidence defeats doubt: Tips for expressing your opinion

March 24, 2011

Remember: Evidence defeats doubt when expressing your opinion.

Expressing your opinion in a professional setting like your office presents several challenges. Of course, you don’t want to offend your co-workers by speaking too aggressively or in a confrontational way, but there are situations in which it’s necessary to get your point across.

Winston Churchill once said, “One man with conviction will overwhelm a hundred who have only options.”

So how can you do this effectively? Dale Carnegie Training of Central Indiana offers the Evidence Defeats Doubt model and when used correctly, it can make you more a more persuasive communicator.

D — Demonstrations. If you can use some type of exhibit, prop or tool to illustrate your point of view, the person on the receiving end might better understand what you’re trying to say. We’re visual people by nature.

E — Examples. Can you think of a time when you’ve had experience with the topic at hand? Share an example or an anecdote to help further illustrate your point.

F — Facts. It’s hard to argue with them, so if you have a few that you can share, use them when expressing your opinion. Just make sure they’re reputable facts, and not simply opinions presented as fact.

E — Exhibits. Similar to demonstrations, it’s a way to help the audience you’re trying to persuade to visualize your point of view. Whether it’s a poster, a website or a projector, visual aids can be a great help.

A — Analogies. Drawing on analogies and past experience is also helpful when expressing your opinion. If you can relate the current situation to something that’s happened to your audience in the past, it might be easier to get them on board.

T — Testimonials. Share what others have said about the topic at hand. The more people you have to back you up, the more credible your opinion will be.

S — Statistics. It’s hard to ignore a statistic from a reputable source. Just make sure it’s reputable.

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  1. Nathan Magnuson on July 29, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    Great post, Erica. I just helped coach this session last week and was looking for a good summary. Bingo!

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