How well do you adapt to change?

March 30, 2011

changeBetween spring cleaning, Daylight Saving Time, and a new crop of college graduates and interns, this time of year is often rife with change — both at home and in the office.

And although change is a given in life, we often don’t adapt very well. Luckily for us, Dale Carnegie Training has some tips we can incorporate into our daily routine to make change a bit easier:

– Set short-term goals. The Dale Carnegie Training Knowledge Center suggests thinking ahead, but not too far ahead. Focus on what can be achieved in the immediate future.

– Work in bursts of activity. Getting a significant amount of work done will give you a measurable outcome.

– Focus on working as a team. Bounce ideas off each other, and get motivated by your coworkers.

– Plan for possible change. There will be flux, so try to plan for as many scenarios as possible.

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Having the ability to adapt to change makes you a better employee — your boss, or even your employees, will know that you can survive in multiple environments and situations. Brushing up on those skills can only benefit you in the long run.

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