Young workers more likely to be out of work

April 4, 2011

young employeeIt was a combination of luck and forethought that I was able to graduate college with a job already lined up. Planning ahead, I had sent out dozens of resumes the summer between my sophomore and junior year, trying to land an internship, and was able to get one that led me to a real job with that company after I graduated two summers later.

However, a lot of my friends weren’t that lucky. And for those graduating college or trying to find summer work now, it seems like it’s been even harder for this crop of workers. I know people who have been working in jobs with no relation to their degree for years now.

As the economy tries to recover from the recession, many of the jobs once held by teenagers and young adults have been cut to save businesses money. The Indianapolis Business Journal discussed this issue yesterday — how young workers are more likely to feel the pinch from a down job market.

As the story says:

Business owners and education leaders say high unemployment rates are increasing competition for jobs. Many adults are seeking positions that are traditionally geared toward teen workers, and now that the federal minimum wage has risen to $7.25 an hour, some employers prefer older workers.

The market has long-term effects, the story explains, as teens are finding it harder to get the work experience they need for a career position down the road.

What have you seen in your experience? Does the trend hold true — are fewer young workers finding jobs?

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