Using ‘like’ is unprofessional, and ‘uh’ isn’t much better

April 5, 2011

speechSure, it’s all happened to us — we’re in the middle of a work presentation, and we completely lose our train of thought. We stammer through a sentence or two, and finally get back on track. And, hopefully, we didn’t lose our audience in the process.

A new study finds that during a job interview, especially, hiring managers were less likely to offer a position to someone who said “like” during the interview. The study found that interviewees who said “uh” were perceived a bit better.

Of course, these study findings can be applied to pretty much every professional situation. If I’m at a meeting, and the presenter keeps peppering his or her speech with “like”s, I’m more apt to tune out. It’s almost as if my subconcious doesn’t believe the person is taking the topic seriously, so I stop taking it seriously, too.

There are plenty of other things you shouldn’t say in the workplace either: “I don’t have time to talk to you” (try, “Can I come see you after I finish this up?”), and, especially to your boss, “That’s not my job.” Not only are those phrases unprofessional, but they’re also likely to get you in trouble, or at least in bad favor with your coworkers.

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