Program to help expand rural businesses

April 8, 2011

indiana mapIf you have a great idea for a business, often where you are physically located has a lot to do with how successful you are. You have to be near your products and clients, and big cities tend to breed synergy for good ideas, anyway.

But as the Indianapolis Business Journal reports, there may soon be another option. There’s new legislation being discussed that could give entrepreneurs a home base at state universities, as the story says:

The legislation … mandates the Indiana Economic Development Corp. to establish a young entrepreneurs program. It would promote business proposals of graduates of entrepreneurship programs at certain state universities by conducting an annual “auction” in which communities would bid to host their startup.

Universities support the bill as well: on board are Ball State, Indiana and Purdue universities, and the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville. The details are a bit complicated, so click on the story link to read the rest of it.

I don’t think the program’s concept is a bad one. While many people who are inclined to business go to colleges and end up settling in big cities, not all of them do — and not all of them want to, either. And to have an even growth of businesses throughout the state, we don’t want entrepreneurs to settle only in the big cities, either.

What do you think about this program? Is it something that would have been attractive to you, when you were fresh out of college?

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