Learn how to generate more referrals at Chamber event

April 11, 2011

Any man or woman in business knows the tremendous power that referrals have in expanding a business. The Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with reachmore, wants to teach you how to up your referral game.

Dubbed “Referrals and Revenue,” this chamber marketing seminar is hosted by Franklin University and will provide attendees with a step-by-step way to generate referrals and revenue.

During this seminar, you will learn:

  • How to work a room to find the contacts that will help you build your business
  • How to identify and create win-win partnerships
  • How to create a system that produces a consistent flow of new referrals
  • How to track and monetize your networking activity

Referrals and Revenue will be held from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. on April 15 at Franklin University, 8415 Allison Point Blvd., Indianapolis. For more information or to sign up, check out the registration page.

Here are a few quick tips for building your referral network from SCORE:

Join and become active in two different types of associations. The Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce is a good start, right? SCORE recommends joining one that has a general business focus and one that is related to your industry or field. You’ll be able to mix with experts and entrepreneurs who can provide valuable contacts.

Share your knowledge. Offering to give a presentation at no charge to your local Chamber or other associations gets your name out there in a big way. If you’re not a big fan of public speaking, perhaps you can donate samples of your product or service for a fundraiser, or volunteer to write articles for smaller publications that reach your target audience.

Share YOUR referrals. This helps position you as a “dot-connector” and highlights your credibility and connections. It also often translates into in-kind referrals from those you have recommended.

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