The Competition’s Hot in Indiana!

May 13, 2011

by Pierre Roustan

If you were ever wondering just how crucial the high-profile job skills are in the workforce, here it goes:

It’s big. Very big. Huge.

In other words, you don’t want to miss out on the necessary skills you’ll need to land you a decent job that’ll pay the bills, provide for a family, and a little bit of savings. This is particularly the case for Indiana, a State that deals with a lot of suffering after this particular recession (which some experts say is still occurring as we speak).

It’s a sad fact the number of teens and college students living in Indiana with quality jobs immensely dropped while still in this struggling economy. It’ll be a difficult challenge fighting for the hot job out there with so much competition — particularly from adults out there who are more qualified.

Lonely Teen Girl in Black and White by PinkStock Photos!

You probably don’t need a whole lot of proof in that, but here’s a 2010 study by the Employment Policies Institute in Washington D.C., stating that Indiana has the 14th highest teen jobless rate in the nation, sitting at 27.7%. You’ll actually see that across the board all over the nation. Younger workers out there — either heading into college, going to college, or even fresh out of college — will have a much harder time finding a job, especially in their field of study.

This is particularly bad news. Why? Think about how a young professional would get his/her experience; that’s right, if you’re thinking jobs. It’s as simple as that: jobs! No one will get experience unless you’re already working. If you can’t get hired, how do you fill your resume?

Quality corporate skills are essential these days. If you head into a program out there that can service your needs — such as Dale Carnegie — know that you’ve got a system backing you tremendously. Whether it’s customer service, leadership development, public speaking and presentation skills, sales training, or team building, getting those innate skills optimized — something you probably couldn’t get in college — in this day and age is an absolute must.

While the competition might be hot, if it shows in your resume that you’ve got these quality skills from a reputable training organization, you’ll have an edge. No matter how young you are! Keep that in mind when putting applications out and sending cover letters in the mail. Whether you live in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, or even Florida, the ring is filled with competitors. Remember to put your gloves on and go out swinging. Hopefully — with the right skills you consider crucial in your professional future — you’ll get the knockout you’re looking for.

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