Preparing for Opportunities in the Job Market

May 20, 2011

The country’s recent recession hit hard-working Hoosiers very hard. By the end of 2009 Indiana had the 13th highest rate of employment decline in the nation. But there’s good news—things are now on the upswing. Between December 2009 and September 2010 the state recovered 40,000 jobs. This 1.4 percent gain represents the fifth fastest job recovery and creation rate in the nation during that period, and is expected to increase throughout 2011.

Some sectors are seeing better results than others in this recovery. Private education and health services jobs actually increased nearly 4 percent, and government jobs, while not currently growing, have not slipped into negative territory. The professional and business services sector, while slipping 12 percent during the height of the recession, has regained much of that loss.

In contrast, the construction and manufacturing sectors collectively lost more than 138,000 jobs, representing nearly 20 percent of their pre-recession levels before they started slowly rebounding. Manufacturing has inched upward slowly, but construction remains near the bottom.

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