Avoid Office Politics – How To Be Successful Without Being a Suck-Up

June 7, 2011

Going to work on a Monday morning after a long and eventful weekend can be hard enough; dealing with backstabbing and brown-nosing coworkers can make it even worse. Sometimes you may wonder if a few of your coworkers could even function without all the office drama! It can be hard to not get sucked into the politics of your office but to be successful it is important to see past the drama. Dale Carnegie once said: “any fool can criticize, condemn and complain—and most do.” Here are some ways to do your job while overcoming criticizing coworkers.

  • First, be yourself! Know exactly who you are, what you believe in, and where you stand on different situations and topics. Therefore, when you are faced with office politics you will be less tempted to act out of your character. It will be easier for you just to back away and maintain your integrity. You may not be able to overcome office politics but at least you can go home at the end of the day happy with yourself!
  • Putting a toxic coworker in his or her place might sound like a fun way to let off some steam but it probably won’t get you anywhere in terms of getting anything done. Getting into a verbal argument can lower you to your coworker’s childish level and if your coworker is an office suck-up, they can ultimately use the argument against you. To avoid this, take a deep breath and reflect on if the argument is really worth your time. If it is, approach your coworker outside of the office or if you have to, go to a supervisor.
  • Stand firm when you are confronted with drama designed to affect you negatively. Remember who you are and what you believe in! When you are approached with negativity, the coworker’s goal is to beat you down; don’t let that happen by staying calm and keep your emotions down. Getting overemotional can shed a bad light on your reputation to your boss.
  • Lastly, remember that office politics are natural and inevitable. Therefore, don’t be afraid to join in! Now, you’re probably wondering why you’d join in on the drama that the other tips in this article are telling you to stay away from. The trick is how you do it. Suck up to your superiors in ways that will actually get you somewhere in the company, not to better yourself over other coworkers. Avoid the underhanded favors and do something you can actually get recognized for! Stoke that reputation with the higher ups and succeed in your company!

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