Get Customers to Say “Yes!”

June 23, 2011

To make a sale, you obviously need your customer to say “yes” to your offers. To do so, you have to win people over to your way of thinking. Dale Carnegie says the only way to do that is to “get the other person saying “yes, yes” immediately!” Here are four things you can do to trigger a “yes” response out of your customers.

1) Have Commitment to Consistency. We are hardwired to remain consistent when we make a commitment to someone. It is important to make that initial commitment so you have something to live up to as well as they have something to hold you responsible to. This will lead to compliance by your customers since you are being responsible to your commitments. By making your customers take a stand on a subject, you get them to commit mentally to you and your company. Have your customers agree to a simple request (your initial commitment) then you can build upon their trust and commitment when you make new requests.

2) Use Social Imitation. Customers will be more willing to say yes when they have proof that your products are as good as you say they are. Show your clients testimonials of other people’s experiences with your products. Your customers will react with a “yes!” if you show them what others think of the product, how they feel about it, and what others do with it. Give them the proof and it will be hard for your customers to say no.

3) Be Likable. No customer in their right mind will say yes to someone who is negative, impersonal, and rude. To get your customers to say yes, you need to be friendly, open minded, and flexible. It is in our human nature to say “yes” to people that we find likeable, feel safe with, and trust. Even if you are not meeting customers in person, you can still show you are likeable on paper. Show your true feelings, praise your customers, tell a story that your customers can relate to. As long as you are not showing off or acting like you are superior to your customers, the chances of them liking you are much higher.

4) Be Reasonably Limited. As humans, we fear loss more than we hope for a gain. That being said, giving your customers a limited time, within reason, to respond back to an offer will get them to say “yes!” By not allowing your clients to be sluggish about getting you a response, they will feel a sensible amount of pressure. If you show your clients that you have limited availability of your product because of high demand, they will feel the need to jump on the bandwagon (due to social imitation) and will be quicker to give you the “yes” response you want.

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