Are You Dale Carnegie’s Biggest Fan?

August 1, 2011

You Could Win an IPad 2!

ipad2Calling all Dale Carnegie fans! Dale Carnegie local franchisees have announced their search for Dale Carnegie’s Biggest Fan. The winner of the contest will receive an iPad2!

It’s easy to enter:

  1. Determine how Dale Carnegie has most impacted you or your company. Chances are the benefits you received from taking your Dale Carnegie course have increased ten-fold since you graduated. Dale Carnegie always said, “Practice makes permanent,” so you’ve probably experienced many successes as you applied what you learned over time, but think about the greatest impact thus far and be as specific as possible when describing it.
  2. Put your creative cap on and think outside of the box. Dale Carnegie once said, “The truth has to be made vivid, interesting, dramatic.  You have to use showmanship.  The movies do it.  The radio does it.  And you will have to do it if you want attention.” Tap into your creativity to develop a compelling and enthusiastic one-two minute video.
  3. Submit the video online at by Sept. 30, 2011.

Food for thought:

You would love to win the iPad 2, but aren’t sure which topic to choose? If you took the…

Dale Carnegie course for Effective Communications and Human Relations, in session 12 you shared your commitment to continuous self-improvement and your goals for leading an intentional life. Think about the goals you have actually attained and ascertain which has yielded the greatest impact on you or your company. Perhaps before you took the class, you were full of anxiety and worry, but learned in session five how to manage stress and overcome worry. Think about how your life has changed, e.g. your attitude, personal and professional relationships, level of self-confidence and determine which has been the most impactful on you or your company.

Dale Carnegie Leadership Training Course, consider the many ways you have improved as a leader. If you were leery of delegation prior to taking the course and learned to delegate which resulted in the training and empowerment of employees, share a specific example of how an employee was impacted. Perhaps you’ve been promoted which has resulted in many positive life-changing ways, share how your life has changed.

Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage course, how has it impacted you as a sales professional? Have your sales increased exponentially? Have you attained goals such as increasing your referral rate to a specific amount or improved your customer retention rate? If so, perhaps you won an award or jump out of bed every morning eager to apply the Sales Advantage process because you are now full of self-confidence. Remember, be as specific as you possibly can.

Why you want an iPad 2

The person who best exemplifies the qualities sought will win an iPad 2 which is thinner and lighter –and even more powerful — a 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 SOC lurks within, than the first version. Better yet, it has a rear camera in addition to the front camera to enable the winner to maintain face-to-face communication remotely. Dale Carnegie himself would very proud of the prize and the winner. Good luck!

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