Tips for moving to a new city

August 11, 2011

Were you new to Indianapolis at one point or another? What did you do to settle in?

Moving to a new city is one of the biggest challenges a person can face. There are new people, new buildings, new coffee shops, sometimes new ways to get around and often requires a complete overhaul of your day-to-day routine.

But just because you recently moved, it doesn’t mean you have to curl up in a ball and wait for something to happen. It’s important to be pro-active about your new surroundings so that you can begin to feel settled and get back to business as usual.

Here are a few tips for starting over in a new city:

Get your unpacking out of the way. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending weeks unpacking one box a day because the thought of unloading all of your possessions triggers your gag reflex. While you can break it up — and maybe you have to in order to save your sanity — it’s important to get everything put away and in its place as quickly as possible. It’s distracting and can create extra anxiety if you aren’t able to locate things when you need them. It’s important to begin to view the place as “home sweet home” instead of simply a storage facility in a strange new city.

Develop a routine. Find a coffee shop nearby that satisfies your caffeine cravings. Gather suggestions from neighbors or co-workers for reliable dry cleaners, grocery stores, gyms, the closest Post Office, and more. Start engaging in a routine that’s similar to the one you’re used to, so that things begin to click and you can focus on your job and family life.

Manage your expectations. If you’re a Type A kind of personality, you might have unrealistic expectations about your new city, thinking you should know how to navigate everywhere, even with public transportation, and that you should also handle all of the new challenges without hesitation or doubt. Know that many people have been in your shoes at one time or another, and there is a learning curve involved. It’s not important to have all of the answers right now, but be sure to keep an open mind about the possibilities and challenges.

If you’ve dealt with a big move in your life, what tips would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments section.

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