Your Path to Personal Victory

August 30, 2011

You do not simply wake up one morning and discover that you have made all of the changes you want to make in your life.  Each new day brings an opportunity to learn how to change, and the process is a life-long quest.  Many people have spent their lives so far doing the same things and getting the same results.  As time goes by, they feel weakened and discouraged, and their lives begin to fall apart.

Just like the recent renovation of the Victory statue in Indianapolis, Indiana, it is necessary to strengthen your mental structure and add some shine to your exterior.  Any renovation is done over time, and the proper steps must be taken in a logical order to make the project victorious.  Victory’s renovation started with taking the statue down, taking her apart to examine her structure, strengthening the framework, then putting her back together again and shining up her exterior.  These are basically the steps you need to take in finding your personal Victory.

Take down your mental walls and examine them.  In the past, you have probably made judgments and developed different attitudes toward people, places and things.  But in holding on to those attitudes, you are limiting your opportunity to learn from everything around you.  You must have an open mind, looking at things differently than you did before.  For example, take a look outside of your window, and take note of everything you see.  Notice the different colors and textures of what you are looking at.  In a short time you will find yourself saying, “I never noticed that before.”  Now you are ready for the next step in your “renovation.”

In strengthening your mental framework, it is important to have a positive attitude.  This starts with building your self-determination, increasing your ability to focus on what you want in life and change how you react to the situations in your day.  Each day you have to look at each small task as part of a bigger picture, and give your best to each one.  As time goes on, you will find that you are putting your mental statue back together again, changing your attitude and finding inner strength.  In being more positive in your life, you are also “shining up your exterior,” showing others how to make changes in their lives as well.

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Photo credit: The Indianopolis Star (Matt Kryger)

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