The Power of Positive

September 19, 2011

The word is out all over the world – today’s economy is less than optimal everywhere.  Natural disasters have had an impact on getting merchandise into the world-wide markets, as well as impacting the lives of people in the disaster areas.  Rebuilding can be slow process, especially when funding isn’t widely available.  But here in the United States, we can learn a lesson from the people of Central Indiana.  They are starting to have faith in our economy again, with new home building permits going up by 23%.  They are rebuilding and rejuvenating their cities and towns.  Why is this fact such a big lesson?

They are positive in the knowledge that they can accomplish their goals.  Instead of seeing a crumbling, abandoned building, they see a place to build a new home or community center.  Instead of an empty parking lot, they see a place to create a public park.  Everywhere they look they see a new opportunity, not what was in the past.  Of course, the lessons learned from the past are invaluable in moving forward.  But the fact remains that they are moving forward.

You may be wondering how this affects your personal life.  “What does a bunch of new buildings mean to me?”  It means that should find your power in the positive.  You have to decide whether you see “the glass half empty or the glass half full.”  Are you looking at problems in your life as a challenge to solve them or as road blocks that you can’t get around?  Every problem has a solution.  Even if the outcome is not what you expect, there will be no outcome if you don’t face the problem and try to solve it.  You have to remember that you have the power to change the events in your life by the way you perceive and confront them.  It is not the events in your life that form you, but rather how you form your events.  Your attitude toward life in general will help you to make positive changes in your life.

Everyone stumbles on difficulties in life.  There are no exceptions.  Even a child has difficulties, although probably not to the magnitude that an adult does.  But the fact is that they do happen.  When I child is learning to tie their own shoes, they have difficulty in the mechanics of “wrap, tuck and pull.”  It isn’t that it can’t be done, but that it takes time to master.  They find the power of positive in the fact that once it is learned, it is a positive experience that lasts a lifetime.

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Photo credit: Peter Kaminski

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