Set Your Goals

October 18, 2011

Believe it or not, you need goals for everything you do in life.  You have them for some of the smallest things that you do every day.  For example, “I am getting out of bed at 7:00 a.m.” is a goal, albeit a small one.  After getting up at 7:00 a.m., your next goal might be to go to Indianapolis to shop.

It is in accomplishing small goals that lets you move on to bigger ones.  The problem that some people face is in seeing some of those bigger goals that can lead them to their dreams.

Break it down.  Just like the two small goals mentioned above, it’s important to break your goals down into smaller achievable elements, with each one taking you a step closer to achieving your dreams.  For example, have a goal for the day that will lead you to a goal for your week, then your month, and so on.  When start out with the smaller goals, you can see that achieving your dreams is possible.

Picture it.  If your goal is to buy a new car, post a picture of your car in prominent places in your home and office.  Your dream house can be the picture that adorns your refrigerator, reminding you to save money on food products and electricity in order to meet financial goals.  By keeping your goals “in your face,” you have the constant reminders that your dreams are waiting for you.

Broadcast it.  When someone else knows about your goals and dreams, you are more motivated to achieve them.  You know that they are watching you and cheering you on.  You are no longer alone in your journey to having your dreams.  Involving your friends and family can give you just right motivation to get there.

Make it bigger than you.  Attach some of your goals to something outside of yourself.  For example, if your goal is to run a 5K marathon, perhaps getting a charity involved can motivate you.  When you know that you will be getting donations for the completion of the marathon, you will be more inspired to finish it, reaching your goal.

Write it down.  Putting your goals on paper helps them to stay in your mind, and allows you to take those goals with you wherever you go.

It is important that you set your goals and find a way to reach them.  Different people do things in different ways, and it is important to find what motivates you in achieving your dreams.

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