Nine Ways to Stop Viral Volume

November 3, 2011

Lately, Facebook and Twitter have made it very easy for the public to voice concerns and opinions on a wide variety of topics from the political arena to customer service. In recent days, the furor regarding bank fees and an overnight movie service have made the companies shift gears and listen.

There is a lot of power with viral volume. And it will grow as the average Joe and Mary speak out about a multitude of issues.  The Occupy Indy movement, a derivative of the Occupy Wall Street gatherings has used every avenue of social media for socioeconomic commentary.

Connecting with the people is a headline we see every day. Businesses with poor or indifferent service will soon be a blog, a post and a tweet. The message always grows at internet speed.

There are nine strategies that organizations and businesses can remember that will help them stay off the public radar. Viral volume is only good when it is good.

  • The main focus of every business is the customer. No customers mean no business.
  • Pay attention to and nurture regular customers. Referrals are critical.
  • Always be relationship-driven no matter the challenges.
  • Consistent action and not words are what people see and believe.
  • Keep all promises the business makes; even keep the overpromises.
  • Listen to the employee and the customer. They are the experts.
  • Address complaints and issues immediately through honesty and completeness.
  • Give customers something extra. The unexpected in customer service is critical.
  • Communicating with and helping the customer are always free core values.

Whether the organization is an airline or a soda shop, stay with the basics and nothing will be complicated. The blueprint for customer and client service is always very simple. Take care of people and involve them in what the business does.

As Mr. Carnegie, decades ago, summed up so well, “Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours.”

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