Are You Providing Excellent Customer Service – or Lukewarm Support to Your Clients?

November 4, 2011

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to differentiate themselves from others in this highly competitive market. Small business owners must work hard to rise above their peers by offering more than just unique products and services. Instead of spending major bucks on marketing materials and sending staff members to industry trade shows, why not concern yourself with providing a great impression through customer service initiatives? After all, at the end of the day, it’s key to your success as a business if you can develop brand loyalty through your reputation for customer care.

Over the last decade, it’s grown ever more important to hear the voice of customers. There are a multitude of business review websites now that allow customers to voice their complaints, rate companies on starred systems, and more. The market has become so consumer driven that even one unfortunate experience with a customer can quickly turn into a PR mess.

Additionally, due to the invention of popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, consumers have free reign to voice their opinions on posts. These are indexed by the search engines, so if a customer complains, it counts in terms of your business reputation in a mere second. People also have a tendency to very bluntly state their feelings about companies, products and services on social media – all the more reason to carefully manage all your customer interactions.

So, the question remains – how well are you taking care of your customers or are you just barely managing to support your customer service goals as a whole? The key to success with customer service is to realize that your customers are your company’s most valuable asset. To put together a workable customer service strategy, start by paying attention to what your customers are saying about your products, your services and the way your staff handles things. Keep in mind that just as it’s always been in the past, so too it should be now: The Customer is Always Right.

Now it’s time to get excited about the prospect of delivering superior customer service for several reasons. Number one, your customers are those folks who make you profitable. Never lose sight of this fact. Secondly, learn to do what it takes to gather the best testimonials from your customers to help promote your company to potential new clients. Third, make sure you create raving fans out of your customers to build loyalty to your business for the long term. These are the elements of a successful business, and it’s what should drive your company to greatness.

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