Small Words Big Results

November 7, 2011

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  It’s a sure bet you have heard or said this saying many times during your life.  The problem is that it cannot be farther from the truth.  Words can hurt.

Granted, they don’t leave a physical mark or break a bone, but they do leave scars.  There are probably some hurtful words that someone said to you that you cannot seem to forget.  That is the emotional scar that those words have left behind.

On the reverse, there are some good things that were said to you that you also remember.  Or, if you do not remember exactly what was said, you do remember how those words of encouragement or compliment made you feel.  Those words of kindness most likely put a smile on your face or comforted you in difficult times.  Being human, you emotionally crave words of praise to encourage you in whatever you do in your life.  The people around you are no different.  They too would like to hear some good words to help them through their tough days in Indy.

For example, when you ask someone how they are doing, do you wait to hear an answer?  Are you really sincere in asking the question?  There are some people that ask, “Hey, how are you?” and keep on walking.  In other words, they didn’t really want to know.  When you ask the question, it should be to show that person that you care and not be just empty words that hang in the air as you walk away.  People like to know that you really care.  It leaves a lasting impression on them that you are genuine.

As you are speaking to someone, do you smile?  A smile can be contagious, lighten tense situations, and make a person more comfortable in a conversation.  Sometimes it is not only your words that make a difference to someone, but also the way you say them.  When you are smiling, it is difficult to say harsh words that will hurt someone.  Even when you are talking on a telephone, if you are smiling the person on the other end will hear your pleasant words.

It is important to remember that even small words can have big results.  A simple “hello” with a smile is enough to brighten someone else’s day as well as your own.

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Photo credit: Ashley Webb

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