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November 9, 2011

Recruiting, retention of talent, and the management of employee morale are the key organizational priorities as businesses grow into 2012.

Growth and success are both team and individual efforts. We need all of the collective brain power as we assess productivity and opportunity. Employees and management together are the revenue generators of every company. They are the front-line ambassadors for ideas and improvements. The intelligence of any group or business is solely dependent on its people.

Long lasting success comes from the collective and individual successes of the workforce. Although unemployment in the Indianapolis market is slightly lower than the United States in general at 8.1 %, it is still a challenge to hire qualified talent.

As we assess the individuals we recruit from the newspapers, job fairs, websites, and referrals, we must move quickly to the interview stage and ask the right questions.

All energies must focus on the hiring and interview activities that give good people a chance to be great.

The more qualified the staff is, the better the organization.

Accountability is the core value that gets everyone on the same page. Accountability means personal and professional ownership of every process that is in place.

Once new team members are on board, the individual should get the training, tools and support that is needed to become better each day.

As a pioneer in the study of professional and personal improvement, Dale Carnegie made his reputation by contributing sensible and practical knowledge to organizations and businesses around the world.

The better the individual, the better the company is in every situation. Make the people you recruit and hire the most important people in the business. Mr. Carnegie was right on the money!

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