Six Aspects of Organizational Change

November 16, 2011

The winds have picked up. The leaves have fallen. There is a chill in the Indiana air. Summer is no more and winter is just around the corner. Change has happened with such speed that it is often taken for granted; the seasons just keep coming. People will make some adjustments to winter only when the snow starts to fall, and will wait until then to pull the gloves, boots and shovels out of storage. Change has to sometimes hit us directly before we move to react.

It is the same with organizations and corporations. Business change can catch up to us before we know it, and that often can cause us great challenge. It is not unusual for businesses to wait for change rather than to search and embrace it.

The car business, over the course of its history, has reacted slowly to change and it has burnt the industry a number of times over the past 100 years.

Focus of these aspects of change to prevent your business from being ill prepared.

  • Adapt: Flexibility is essential because change affects both culture and process.
  • Options: Strategic alternatives are important and the more the business has the better.
  • Mindset: Remember the bumper sticker, “stuff happens?” It always does, so integrate it into thought.
  • Growth: This is just another name for change, especially if you blend in opportunity.
  • Investment: Economically, change often creates continued success if it is given energy and time.
  • Prepare: Always anticipate “how” you might change, because you never know the “what” and the “why”.

Every current organizational situation is temporary. Without change, businesses that used to do things well might close. When you think about it, management and leadership are just ingredients of change. How one leads and how one manages are center stage in any change- driven implementation process.

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