Do You Have What it Takes? The Secret Ingredients of True Leadership

November 17, 2011

Being a leader today does not necessarily mean you have to be instilled with this talent from day one. Instead, it means being able to learn how to use the secrets of other leaders to transform yourself into a leader. As an entrepreneur or business innovator, it’s critical to develop these secrets into workable skills. A recent Entrepreneur Magazine article illustrated this point well. Being perceived as a leader comes through strategy and training.

If you think you have what it takes to be a true leader, then here are some key ingredients to success.

Be a communicator. One of the hallmarks of a great leader is to know how and when to communicate with others. While this skill takes training and practice, it can launch you as a leader in your industry because you can more easily convey your ideas to others. From learning how to speak well in front of an audience, to communicating through written works, great communication can take you far as a leader.

Create a vision. Any leader knows that the secret ingredient to success is being able to create a vision of what it is your team is to achieve. Coupled with strategic goal setting, a vision or mission can provide you with an anchor from which to launch new ideas and offerings. Be sure to continually visualize where your efforts are leading you and keep this vision alive, even when things get challenging.

Set your goals high. When setting goals, don’t just set those that are realistic, like so many others have said before. Instead, aim a lot higher and create a challenge for yourself as a leader. Give your team something to really achieve. Break these goals down into workable tasks and deadlines, and evaluate your success every step of the way as a leader.

Be approachable. As a great leader, you must also remain accessible to those whom you lead. Keep in mind always that it’s the people who work hard for you that make you a leader among many. Allow your people to come to you to pose questions, bounce ideas around, and ask for guidance. Keep an open door policy at all times so that you are actively engaged with your team members and with your market.

Build a great team. It often goes without noticing immediately, but a leader only gets to his or her place of greatness by recognizing the value of a well-rounded team. As you focus on learning how to be a leader in your chosen field, surround yourself with good people who work hard to reach these same goals. This gives you the foundation from which to build a successful career or company.

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