Learning How to Have the Wow Factor in Public Speaking

November 30, 2011

If you are searching for ways to become a more effective public speaker, then learning how to “wow” your audience can be the single-most critical factor in your success. This takes a long-term commitment, which can include public speaking training, and experience over time. However, there are some things you can do to start bringing that “wow” factor into your skills as a presenter now.

Did you know that a “wow” presenter doesn’t have to be a seasoned public speaker? In fact, sometimes completely inexperienced speakers can have this effect on others simply by sharing their passion for a particular topic. By conveying a strong presence and message, anyone can become a public speaker of prowess. Read on to learn some tips for stunning your audience to give you the tools for excellence.

Get over fears. It’s natural to experience fear as a public speaker. From the first time speaker to the seasoned pro, all public speakers face fear at some point. It’s part of the human condition to fear the unknown. Getting up on front of a group of people can incite the fight of flight response in anyone. This is why being prepared is key to success in having the confidence to get over this fear. By practicing your speech and having all your presentation materials tested in advance, you will have already gotten past the fear.

Share the knowledge. A big part of the reason you have been chosen to give your speech is because you have a great deal of information to share with others. “Knowledge is power”, as the old saying goes. Therefore, it’s time to recognize that you are in a position of not only power, but of empowerment – for yourself and your audience. Take the knowledge that you possess and use this to enlighten your listeners. Inspire them with stories of this knowledge in action.

Find a balance. In the natural world, balance is key to a rounded out concept, place or thing. Any good speaker who wants to “wow” his audience does so with balance in mind. Public speaking should be a mix of both information and showmanship. Your job is to not only provide new information, but to deliver it in a way that keeps the audience interested. Use a balance of sharing ideas, balanced with entertainment. Be animated in your speech, actions and with the presentation tools you use, but deliver information in simple ways to make sure the audience gets the point.

Learn more. There is no one perfect way to become a “wow” presenter, but there are ways in which you can become the best public speaker you can be. This is through the careful training and guidance of a public speaking course. Dale Carnegie is an award-winning organization that offers both online and live public speaking courses to help you learn ways to impress your listeners and become much more effective in public speaking situations.

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