Four Points on the Sales Map

December 1, 2011

A map is a very good thing. Without direction, things happen. Sure you can pull out the GPS, or even more easily your smart phone and find where you are in Indiana at any time. But an old fashioned AAA or Rand McNally folded paper map still not only shows you where you are but where you need to go.

In sales, M.A.P. stands for manually assisted positional. You have to know where you are every day. You never need a plug or button with this MAP; mentally unfolded, the map is always there.  Here are four questions that you need to evaluate and find continuous answers to when you are in sales as a true professional. You are the only one with those answers.

  • Where am I headed? Targets, goals and objectives give you direction. They make what you do important and connect you to the organization.
  • What do I expect of myself? Do the old Ben Franklin plus and minus sheet and come up with clear and realistic expectations. The longer you are selling the same thing in the same business, the more focused your expectations will be.
  • How am I doing? Ask yourself everyday how you can get better. No one knows better than you how you are doing each and every day.
  • What happens when I get lost? There are always a multitude of resources available for the true sales professional. We are just a link away…  Experience and management support are essential when you get lost with definition, procedure and process. Most of the time, it is simple to fix. The complication is in the realization that you need guidance. Communicate clearly with your direct supervision and do not be afraid to ask for help. There is nothing wrong with it and everything to gain by simply seeking support.

These four questions do not cover everything, but they give you the compass to grow. Being competent and focused is just a MAP away!

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