Ethics in the Headlines

December 15, 2011

Tis the season to be ethical; it is truly in the headlines, not just here in Indiana, but all over the United States. Every day we are reading or watching someone of professional stature crash in flames because of behavior and deception. It takes just seconds to wreck years of good works because of the speed and the perceived credibility of both social media and cable television. There are many individuals out there today who are all trying to find out who you are and what you are about as a leader and manager. Vetting is a normal course of strategy for many who are checking for skeletons in the closet.

Business Ethics is simple awareness. Tony Simons, of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, comments on Dale Carnegie’s Ethical Leadership Training, “The label of hypocrite is sticker than it’s opposite; it takes evidence of only a single lie for a manager to be labeled a ‘liar’. In contrast, a person has to tell a whole lot of truth to qualify as a ‘straight shooter’. Credibility, as we have all seen, is slow to build and quick to dissipate.

The highest ethical standards always begin with the heart and they are driven by the passion to make the people around you better. A moral foundation is at the heart of any opportunity you give others.  An awareness of how social media can help or hurt your reputation is critical. There is indeed a big “oh oh” in the middle of Google if you do not manage the platform well. Outstanding leadership begins with values and ends with practices and guiding principles. Leadership is behavior.

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