Is ‘New Job’ on Your Holiday Shopping List?

December 15, 2011

Contrary to popular belief, the holiday season is an ideal time to search for employment opportunities since regular business activities slow down.

Also, many Human Resource managers have more time to devote to personnel matters, including hiring.  …and, when one considers the Dale Carnegie Human Relations principles- by which their application will win people to your way of thinking, the holidays really are the best time of year to job-shop considering all the places you’ll go and new faces you’ll meet!

By applying the following Human Relations principles, you’ll increase the odds of learning about new employment opportunities and establish rapport well before the actual interview:

#2 Give honest, sincere appreciation- Send holiday cards instead of emails

Holiday cards are a great opportunity to thank business contacts, vendors, clients, etc. for their support during the year and to maintain ongoing communication.  Hand-written cards are practically extinct, so set yourself apart from the competition by sending a physical holiday greeting.  If you have the means within your budget to include a small gift, go for it.

Depending on the level and nature of your relationship with the card recipient, you may want to mention that you are considering new challenges/roles in the New Year.  If and only if it’s appropriate, ask the person to keep you in mind should they encounter any job openings for which you may be an ideal fit.

If you recently interviewed with someone, be sure to send him or her a holiday card.  Remember to show honest, sincere appreciation by thanking the person for taking time out of his or her busy schedule to meet with you.  Lastly, send cards to your champions, the people who have helped you network.

#4 Become genuinely interested in the other person- Party with a professional and a personal side

When you’re out and about this holiday season, it will be easy to network by introducing yourself to new people and taking a genuine interest in them.  Ask them questions including where they work and what they do, and there just might be an opportunity in store for you.

#19 Appeal to noble motives- Business Casual Is Great … Once You’re Hired!

Your professional package should be well polished as you might encounter a prospective boss of the best dream job you ever could imagine!  Have an elevator pitch about yourself and your career goals ready to soberly share by going easy on the eggnog and other alcoholic beverages.  While it’s perfectly acceptable to dress festively for the season, remember to keep attire somewhat professional.  Bring business cards even if they only list your contact information and talent(s).

If you’re fortunate enough to land a holiday-time interview and hear “Just dress casually, it’s a ghost town here so most of us will be in jeans,” don’t compromise your professional attire. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so dress to impress.  While the company’s culture and environment may appear to be easygoing during the holidays, remember to bring your portfolio, notepad, business card and a hard copy of your résumé because you mean business. Avoid waltzing in to your interview carrying a Grande Mochaccino even if ‘…the weather outside is frightful.’

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