The Leadership Holidaze!

December 19, 2011

The business leaders and managers in Indiana are going 70 miles an hour. It is, of course, the “Holidaze!” We have our eyes on the last quarter, the last month and now the last weeks of 2011 as we close this year and head into the vast leadership unknown we soon will call 2012.

The jovial holiday spirit sometimes gets swallowed up by all the organization’s surgical facts, figures, and numbers. We are so focused on the bottom line, the profitability, and the challenges of this economy that we often cannot see the management forest for the trees.

But leadership is most important this time of year. Employees are more focused on how things are handled this season over any other. How leadership reacts to time off, personal issues, longer lunches, get-togethers, and holiday meetings will set the tone and increase or decrease the morale level well into January and beyond.

There are things we need to do as Carnegie-type leaders that will give us an opportunity to improve and show a sincere interest in what and who is important in our professional lives. This is time of year to show honest and candid appreciation. It is the time to say, “Thanks, you made a difference in our success this year; I am so glad you work here and are an important partner in our continued opportunity to grow.”  

Helping people grow is the number one reason why leadership exists. Take a minute to do something very simple; listen, learn and guide. Showing support, not only for the business and the employees, but for the clients and suppliers as well brings the true spirit of the season to life. By slowing down  and  scheduling an afternoon to just walk around and thank others for what they do is priceless. Enjoy these moments and see the different sides of what everyone is about. Patience and understanding are gifts that only come from within.

As the biggest holiday of the year fast approaches, make sure that when people leave the parking lot and head home to family and friends, they think leadership truly cares about them. Maybe that fast start into the New Year will happen after all.

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