The 10 Locations of Selling Success

January 5, 2012

Being successful in sales is full of both ups and downs. Just like going on vacation, you just cannot wing it and head in any direction; you need a map and a plan. If you know where you are going, you are better than the average salesperson already.

All you need is a M.A.P., a manually assisted positional, and you are good to go.

 Here is your MAP with the 10 places you need to be every day.

  1. Daily plan: Do not come to work unless you are coming to work. Mentally and physically, you need process.
  2. Attitude: The best one is a positive one. No matter what, you are always smiling.
  3. Road to development: Have a little training every day. Learn one thing new, and put it into practice.
  4. Organization: Know what you will be doing in the morning and plan your afternoon. Goals and objectives are critical.
  5. Follow up and follow through: Keep persistent and keep promises.
  6. Use your managers: They are not managers in name only; if you need help ask.
  7. Network: Meet one new person who is a potential customer every work day. Get a phone and e-mail.
  8. Communicate only positives with clients and other sales staff: No one likes negatives and complaining.
  9. Relationships are everywhere: Look about; there are partners, alliances and friendships everywhere you look.
  10. Be phony: The phones are your best friend. Customers hear your voice and your knowledge. The phone is a great tool.

Stay on the right track and sales success is right around the corner. You just have to MAP it out.

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