Don’t Get Too Connected

January 13, 2012

Are you too connected? As leaders and managers, we walk around carrying our laptop, notebook, tablet, and smart phone. At the airport we put our appliance store in the gray tray as we get through security, often forgetting the bluetooth still in our ear.

We are constantly updated by devices tethered to life in Web2.0 The pace of innovation, for the social communication tools we need, is on the fast track. Tablets like the Kindle Fire and the iPad are becoming almost commonplace. Carrying a newspaper in our briefcases is almost passé in 2012.

The problem is that everyone now has A.D.D. The acronym stands for “all data dumped”. And indeed we are; with the speed of innovation and information that exists today although we are using electronics to make the organization better and more focused, we are also making things more complicated and more mistake-prone.

We sometimes send an e-mail to the wrong person, or worse, to groups of people. Our phone gets bumped and we call Mom at 2 a.m. by accident. We can text critical information to the entire company rather than the department by mistake. We need a plan of action that will slow us down.

  • Time Out: Unplug at sometime during the day and get away from the 24-7-365 forever pace we are always on.
  • Historic Platforms: Watching television and listening to the radio for information are great and historic changes of pace. Opening up a Dale Carnegie Leadership and Sales Classic is not a bad idea either.
  • Multi- tasking: Think twice before you chat on the business phone, check your e-mail on your cell phone, and do a word doc on your desk top all at the same time.
  • Listening and understanding:  Take the time to listen and understand the message of the moment, undiluted by a multitude of stressors. Everything still is one-on-one. Just give it a chance again. Winning friends and influencing people takes time. Relationships and success simply go together.

Sometimes if we slow things down we speed things up. Effective communication is critical in today’s organization. On Wednesday, January 18, attend Effective Communication & Human Relations/ Skills for Success. Click Below!

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