LEGOs for Leaders

January 16, 2012

Leadership is much like a Lego set. There are a multitude of colors and pieces within it that must be created and shared throughout the organization. Each piece alone is not much by itself, but together when assembled, some very cool things happen. It takes strategy and energy to put together something of value and unique to the vision of its builder.

Leaders who are good and effective realize quickly all of the pieces they must put together. Let’s look the important ones:

  • Objectives: Knowing where you are going based on the history of the organization and its current situation is number one in leadership start-up.
  • Direct reports, people, and resources: The corporate skeleton is the foundation for success; the better the resources and the people, the better the company.
  • Environment: The long term culture and the short term climate (morale) must be viewed as the beacons of direction and opportunity. The past, present and future are blended day-to-day.
  • Performance: The organization’s least productive department is its weakest link. Success comes from the collective that includes the incompetents and the disappointments as well as the top performers.
  • Processes and systems: Focusing on the definable and the trend-able and making these two avenues of understanding a “same page” foundation is essential. Simplicity always increases results.
  • Potential:  Leaders succeed when they focus on the “what could be” rather than the “what has been done”. Always be looking for the most from the least. Challenge is an economic weapon.
  • Complacency and change: These opposites must attract and interact to maximize the possibilities of change, yet at the same time, everyone must have purpose.

There are a number of other Lego pieces in what is assembled every day in an organization. Proactivity, imperfection, values, and agenda are just a few more. But the key as Mr. Dale Carnegie once said is action, “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

As the Lego Company says, go get inspired!

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