Getting to Great is Personal!

January 30, 2012

What does it take to be great at what you do? Most people in Indiana and across the country never get to that level and they seem to be satisfied with being just average. In all honesty, average is very safe. It does not involve any risks at all. There is a certain comfort in being normal and average, and approaching the day with that focus and that commitment is the choice of many professionals.

To do great things you must decide that mediocre is not in your leadership and management dictionary. Finding just the right vocation and career brings a natural and intense sense of excitement that can create that atmosphere of great in what we want to do and accomplish. Now, how do we get there? Look at the following:

  • Take Things Seriously: Commitment is everything. The decision to be the best sets up what you are capable of each and every day.
  • Take an Intense Interest: Being a student of success is incredibly important to being great at what you do. If you know as much as you can in your profession each and every day, and learn just one new thing a day; anything is possible.
  • Winning is Everything: Being first is a laudatory goal when the focus is on personal growth, teamwork and  organization.
  • It Only Comes from Within: Only one person can get you to be great and that person is you.  Dependence on others is for guidance and support; but when it all comes down to it, you are alone in the decision to get to the next level.

Being great intensely involves the sacrifice and commitment to being great. It is indeed something you do alone. But when you make the leap, everything in your personal and professional life changes immediately. Gaining control over “great” makes you a winner. How you get there on your individual journey and how you handle it is entirely up to you.

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