Take Advantage of Big Game Networking Opportunities

January 30, 2012

With the NFL championship game coming to Indianapolis this week, the city and surrounding towns will be packed with tourists, fans, and curiosity seekers. And believe it or not, amidst the partying and revelry over the game, there will be ample opportunities to network with people if you keep your eye open for opportunities.

Networking is an important part of any job. Getting fresh ideas and perspectives can enhance the way you work and what you are able to contribute to your organization. And remember, while it is imperative that you make contacts, it isn’t necessary that you be the life of the party to do so. With this in mind, take note of these tips from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Central Indiana for making your big game party networking a success:

First of all, make an effort to remember names. Keep in mind that a person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language to them. People naturally feel friendly toward you if you’ve made the effort to remember this one important fact about them. And, because you took the effort, they’ll likely feel you’re already a friend. It’s really fairly easy to remember people’s names, and it may be the most important career skill you can learn. We go into detail on this strategy in the Dale Carnegie Course, but the key is to associate the person with something you can easily picture so you can recall this image when you are trying to think of their name.

Create conversations and make sure you’re a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves because people love to speak about their lives. All you have to do is ask a few leading questions and most people will keep the conversation going with only a few comments from you leading them to further details. Get people talking and before you know it, you’ll have plenty of fresh contacts lined up.

Become genuinely interested in other people. Being a good listener is important, but equally important to keeping up the relationship is to really care about these people. Remember things about their personal lives or their jobs and sincerely show you care. It doesn’t take much of your time to make people feel as though you truly care about them, but it will forge lasting relationships that will help you throughout your career.

One last thing: Keep in mind that these are football game parties and no one likely wants to get too “business-oriented.” Simply make your contacts with the promise to follow up the next week and your contact will be much more willing to hear you out.

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