Four Ways to Stay in Touch

February 15, 2012

Taking the time needed to stay in touch with customers and clients is easier said than done. But it is a necessary when facing a variety of competition. Being connected is incredibly important. Here are four strategies that will really help organizations stay in touch and help create the visibility needed for both products and services. These will help you grow in 2012.

  • Stay connected with the community: Visibility is essential. Joining the local Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce or other networking groups will get you in front of both customers and potential customers. Help with the community projects like the local blood drive, and visit similar businesses in town to develop additional avenues of opportunity and connection.
  • Be the Expert Business: Being the best in customer service and in product knowledge gives your company a distinct advantage when referrals are involved.
  • Have professional accountability: Doing the right things in the right way makes a big difference in maintaining and growing a client base. Offering a money back guarantee or a free warranty on parts and service gives you a chance to be unique and shows the customer you have a continuing role in supporting your products.
  • Believe in the strength of the sale: Since nothing happens in any sale organization until something is sold, it makes sense to place extreme importance on each individual sale. Each is unique and each one gets the business just a little bit better.

Organizations just like people influence the community and clients in a variety of positive ways that make them successful; through interaction, growth is possible.

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