Stopping Your Listener From Nodding Off

February 27, 2012

No matter how masterful a presenter you are, there will be times when you notice the energy in the room is fading. A number of factors can play into this, not the least of which is you!

It’s not that you’re a bad presenter, but it may be that you’re speaking to a group that was forced to attend your presentation, such as company employees taking a training class that they don’t want to attend. Or you may be speaking after a big lunch has been served and everybody’s ready to either sleep or have cocktails.

No matter what the reason, there are some techniques you can use to get your presentation back on track and energize the audience.

One way is to wake up the crowd by instituting a change in their pattern. For example, if they have been listening to lectures all day, get them to do a group exercise or game. One option is to have them all stand, face one direction, and give the person next to them a shoulder massage. (Note that this exercise may be more accepted by some groups than others!)

Another technique is to tell everyone to stand and reach a high as they can. Everyone will reach up, expecting that it is a stretching exercise—which it is. But then you tell them to reach “even higher.” Most will be puzzled and some will stand on their tiptoes. Then you tell them “higher again,” until someone in the room figures out that you want them to stand on a chair. The point this supports is that by thinking outside of the box, or by putting in a little more effort, we can always do better than we think we can do!

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