How to Negotiate Your Way to a Successful Outcome

March 28, 2012

Let’s say you’re a sales professional who has just broken in to the sales field. Since you’re new to this career field, perhaps you’re still trying to figure out the most successful ways to close a deal with your customers. Does it seem that the customers you deal with are not accepting your offers as you present them?

Welcome to the world of sales! One main thing that salespeople everywhere need to know how do to is negotiate with their customers. Negotiating has the ability to increase both volume and profit, when done effectively. It is important to develop negotiation strategies so that you can win each sale! Here are some points to remember about negotiating with clients from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Central Indiana:

1. There should be three stages of every negotiation. Learning the other person’s goals and establishing what you want will direct the flow of the discussion. Gather information on the other person and his or her needs by doing your homework. The goal should be to reach a compromise. And both parties should leave the negotiation satisfied.

2. Work with—not against—others in determining neutrally beneficial solutions. Try to create a win-win situation. Your customer should feel good about the transaction, and you should walk away happy about your sale. Never attempt an offer too quickly; you don’t want to think you could have done better twenty minutes later, nor would you want to leave anything out.

3. Finalize all agreements. Don’t depend on working out all the details later. Time pressures cause us to be vulnerable to compromise and human errors as well as the customer backing out later claiming certain points were not discussed. Offer to write up the agreement, if possible. There are always small points that are unclear. When you write the agreement, you define those points.

4. Follow through. Do what you said you would do and do it when you said you would do it. Make sure the customer follows through on their end of the agreement.

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