Five Sales Strategies to Improve your Professional Economy

March 30, 2012

Here it is, in a day or two it will be the second quarter of 2012. Summer is coming fast. And we know that times are still very challenging. Gas prices across Indiana have hit the four dollar mark; but there is a light at the end of this economic tunnel. Our focus on being a solid sales professional in what we do has never been sharper. We can create our own economy.

Every customer we touch and every product we sell are critical to our own personal bottom-line. If the organization is successful, then we have a good shot at being successful as well. Understanding what needs to happen every day is half the battle. Here are some simple interpersonal strategies that will keep us as prosperous as we can be:

  • Be mentally tough: Not only is focus essential, but when things do not go our way, we need to document what we have done and learn from the situation.
  • Take it one client at a time: Distractions, thinking ahead, and not following process will often hamper our opportunity to help the client decide what to do. The most important person at any given moment is the client we are with.
  • Be enthusiastic and positive: In Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, the fundamentals of a smile, genuine interest, and listening will always be the benchmark of both attitude and success.
  • Ask for the sale: This is something many salespeople just seem to never get around to doing. We show the product, explain the features and benefits, and never close the sale. If the customers are telling you no, and they need what we offer, we just have not given them enough reasons to purchase yet.
  • Come to work to work: So many sales people are independent and do not have that direct interaction with management every single moment. Put in the time and have a plan and schedule. Make the most out of every day.

There is a fine line between being a salesperson or a “fails” person. With every client, we just have one opportunity for success. Staying focused, following a process, and being positive all add up to good times in the slow times.

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