Becoming a Leader of Solid Reputation

April 4, 2012

You may have heard the expression “Your reputation precedes you”, which is a nice way for others to say they know something about you in advance. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on what your reputation happens to be. As a leader, you always hope that this reputation says positive things about your ethics, behaviors and performance – in past and future endeavors.

But, there are also more reasons to be concerned about your reputation as it relates to your leadership skills. Leaders must also be able to use their reputations as a gateway to influencing and inspiring others. A good reputation can open the doors to new opportunities, new networks, and the sharing of new ideas that can transform the way people think about things. This can be a powerful way to improve the world around you.

Effective leaders are people who have a following. This can be accomplished by establishing a great reputation in some area of expertise or industry. Or it can happen when you become successful in your career or personal life. It’s certainly an advantage to be able to develop a following quickly using the resources available on the Internet, such as social media, as well as local resources like business and professional networks.

Leaders who have good reputations also work to keep them that way. That means not engaging in any activities or discussions that are overly controversial or potentially offensive. Being in the public eye as a leader is a social responsibility that must be carefully managed all the time. Actions that take place today can directly influence a reputation later on, even if something was done or said with no negative intentions.

To become a leader of solid reputation means sticking to a strict morale code, and standing by your word. It means doing what you say you will do, when you say you will do it. It means being transparent and open with others, so they know what kind of person you are from the start. Being a reputable leader means clearly communicating your ideas to others and then gathering honest feedback to make these ideas better.

If you hope to develop a reputation that others can count on and respect, then you must start with the person you are, right now. Get really great at what you do for a living, and how you live your life. Take responsibility for your reputation and take it into the direction you desire. Use this to get to know many people, and express yourself in an honest and clear way. Get more training so you can do this from Dale Carnegie – now enrolling for classes.

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