6 Challenges that Trouble Leadership

May 8, 2012

It makes no difference what the organization or business is in this economy. There are still several factors that trouble leadership across Indianapolis and throughout Indiana. These factors below truly challenge every leader in every state; managing them is essential. It is tough to get a handle on them as things change at lightning speed.

  • Communication: Too much or too little, the disseminating of messages and information is a constant concern. Does leadership turn up the volume or do they choose what to share?
  • Innovation: Because it involves constant change and adjustment, today’s leaders must be ahead of every single variation and idea. Making change profitable is a large task.
  • Globality: New word and new situation with social media virtually eliminating the need for fences, boundaries, territories and markets. It is just as easy to communicate with someone from Tokyo or Sydney, as it is with Speedway or Beech Grove. This is truly one world and one marketplace.
  • Ethics: The management of problems and the guidance of employees can stretch both integrity and trust. Staying with vision, values and beliefs is sometimes not that easy.
  • Learning: Blending people with work, and creating support platforms for both education and learning allow the organization to grow and be more successful. Putting things into place to create knowledge centers is a large effort.
  • Issues: Understanding issues before they become issues is critical. No leader is clairvoyant so educated guesses could become costly mistakes. Knowing the big picture across all areas of the organization is helpful but it is not the only answer to assessing every situation before it becomes a situation.

Moving forward in this economy is not easy. Leadership is the principal tool we have to opportunity of everyone we come into contact with everyday


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