9 Ingredients that Promote Leadership Quality

May 24, 2012

Businesses need direction to be successful. The key is not to just do the big things well, but to do the smallest of things better than anyone else. Here in Indiana, there is a great amount of competition in a multitude of products and service. Everyone is looking for that edge to get them just a little better than their number one competitor. Organizations look for that edge in advertising, marketing, and even social media in the hopes that it will lead to increased success and profitability.

But it truly is in the quality of leadership that gives a business that powerful factor of excellence. Here are nine ingredients that promote leadership quality regardless of the organization.

  • Inspiration: Setting the example for everyone is critical in every aspect of what the team does.
  • Motivation: Guiding people and getting them to give 100% every day is essential.
  • Sincerity: Honesty in every situation, regardless of issue, will bring consistency to the learning process.
  • Ethics: It truly is what you do when no one is looking that sets leadership excellence above it all.
  • Human Relations: Respect right across the ranks makes everyone feel like they belong.
  • Communication: Openness of mission, values, goals and objectives creates a productive culture.
  • Changeability: Shifting gears when something is not working is at the heart of success.
  • Responsibility: Sharing responsibility is just as critical as expecting accountability in others.
  • Attitude: Being positive and upbeat, even in challenging times, reaffirms the eight other factors listed and maintains the quality of leadership necessary to grow the organization in the right direction. 

Although there are other leadership qualities that could also be listed such as toughness and innovation, the above nine traits are now more than ever the absolute essentials for survival and continued growth in today’s fast paced and ever changing environments.


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