5 Strategies within Customer Service

June 14, 2012

Customer service at times is more than a definable, trend-able, and measurable process that is an addendum of many overall sales training practices; here in Indiana, it can often be a fine art. And not just here in the Indianapolis market, but virtually everywhere. Across the country, there are a multitude of issues that involve customer and client issues. This is especially true in many retail settings. The “customer is always right” focus takes on even more importance when the customer is not quite right. Many customers get emotional, rude, and upset when things go awry.

The possibility of handling difficult and upset customers can and should be integral to every aspect of every business when they sell products and services.

In face to face situations, here are some strategies to regain control and solve the problem:

  • Be quiet and silently gather information: Usually, customer dysfunction happens quickly and listening to all aspects of what is said and how it is said will give you an advantage for a controlled reply.
  • Maintain positive body language: With people in front of you, exhibit a comforting stance and eye contact. This starts a calming sequence that will last the rest of the conversation.
  • Say you are sorry: Apologizing, regardless of whether you were the reason for the situation or not, goes a long way in accepting responsibility for the entire organization.
  • Fix it: No matter the fix, the situation is fixable. Assess what is needed or what is wanted and give it to the customer. Give every employee the power to do the same thing. Allowing the customer the chance to win will always move the problem to an opportunity.
  • Reward: Give employees a perk or accolades when they step in and resolve the issue. Handling customers when they are upset is never easy.     

As everyone knows, customer service truly is the art of dealing with frustrated and angry clients. Remember that dealing with these customers can make your business a success or a failure. The vast majority of clients are absolutely wonderful ; you need to learn from them as well, but the above process can prove to be invaluable in even the toughest environments.


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