4 Tips for Successful Webinar Sales Presentations

June 21, 2012

In this modern age, many businesses are choosing to present information in a virtual format via online webinars. This type of medium is ideal for many different types of presentations from general informational to sales promotions. Yet, just as other kinds of sales presentations, a webinar poses special challenges.

If you are planning on hosting webinars to attract leads, then it’s important to prepare for success by understanding how to best utilize this resource. Read on for helpful tips on making your sales presentations more successful, with well-managed webinars.

4 Ways to Make Sales Webinars Work

  • Choose the best webinar service. Before you even begin to think about hosting a sales webinar, be sure to find the best service or software for the job. Choose a service that offers unlimited participants and callback service for those who want to dial in to participate in the discussion, as well as email signup so you can follow-up with guests. This will result in a higher quality presentation with fewer technical issues, which sets the stage for professional sales webcasts.
  • Prepare your sales presentation. A good sales webinar includes both visual and audio elements that are presented in real time to participants. This means you must present your sales information in a way that is organized and meaningful to your audience. Develop a slideshow with information backed by facts and illustrate your important points.
  • Engage your virtual audience. If you want your presentation to go well, take the time to engage your audience fully in the webinar. Because the format does not allow you to be face-to-face with those you are presenting to, you must come up with ways to maintain interest in your participants. Have quick polls to ask your listeners questions, invite listeners to ask questions, and keep the conversations moving in a focused direction.
  • Provide an incentive. As any sales professional will do, in a webinar you have the unique ability to not only offer great information, but a special offer or incentive too. This includes access to web resources, such as special offer landing pages and your company website. At the beginning of your webinar, be sure to mention that listeners will be able to learn more about this at the end.

Giving a sales presentation via webinar can be an exciting way to reach more prospects and earn customers through repeat listeners, as they can be recorded for future listening. Be sure to use webinars in your sales efforts as often as possible.

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