8 True Ingredients of Organizational T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G.

June 28, 2012

Outside of the Dale Carnegie world, training can have a bad name. Businesses across Indiana and within I-Town are all looking to assess expenses. The economy has maintained its lack of momentum and everyone wants to cut and save to help manage profitability. Organizations, not as people-driven as they can be, will adjust vacations, benefits, travel and general perks to improve expenses.

Training is always included in the equation and it sometimes just ceases to exist. Let the managers do the training; let HR do it. Let’s cut all outside training. As we all know; training is an investment in people.  In this economy it is essential to maintain a competitive edge. Let’s look at training from this perspective:

  • T: Trust and teamwork are built when everyone is on the same page.
  • R: Retention increases when employees are paid attention to and involved.
  • A: Assessment in the training sessions will pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.
  • I: Interest in new skills and subsequent passion are often jumpstarted in group activity.
  • N: The need for improvement is a continuing process. Weaknesses can become strengths with focus and practice.
  • I: Involving everyone in the department or the operation will gather the talent together for increased opportunity and the exchange of ideas.
  • N: Navigating through the day with a competitive edge is just common sense. Competition means everyone gets better.
  • G: Goals and objectives are central to every successful organization. Training gives them both continuous focus and direction.

Training is an investment in people. Here at Dale Carnegie we will support your vision and your mission.


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