Three Keys to Success in Sales

July 6, 2012

A recent Harvard Business Review Blog post entitled, The Most Important Predictor of Sales Success, by Philip Delves Broughton, highlights common characteristics successful sales professionals across the world share.

Broughton conducted the global research for his book, The Art of the Sale: Learning from the Masters About the Business of Life.

Here are a few nuggets worth noting:

MIND Your Attitude- Rejection is inevitable, so don’t allow one ‘NO’ to crush your motivation and selling spirit.  Every single sales professional experiences failure, however few are able to simply brush it off and move on.  Those with a positive attitude, who focus on the next opportunity vs. a lost opportunity, are the most successful.

Broughton shares the story of Abdelmajid Rais El Fenni, one of the most successful carpet and rug traders in Tangiers.  El Fenni attributes his success to his ability to cope with the daily rejections and petty humiliations every salesman must face.  “You are like a beggar in sales, asking again and again all day,” he said. “The salesman should have loose robes.  You never get upset…”  El Fenni’s ability to brush off the insults and press ahead, to have “loose robes,” enables him to pursue his true joy, which is trading in beautiful objects with people he likes.

The Real Deal- Sales professionals whose primary goal is to understand and meet a prospect’s specific needs are the most successful.  They believe in their core that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  They use their curiosity, intelligence and agile mind to make the prospect feel comfortable enough to share his or her organization’s exact needs.  Next, they demonstrate how their product or service can meet that need.

Broughton interviewed Ashok Vemuri, the head of Americas at Infosys, the Indian business process outsourcing company.  Vemuri stated that, “The chest-beating Alpha male of sales myth has no place in this universe.  Rather, it is the low-ego character who regards client service as the highest goal who thrives.”

Train Your Brain- Ironically, sales is the most human and richly nuanced aspect of business though it is not a required course at most business schools.  There are countless strategies and processes for successful selling revealed in books and at conferences, however most people fail to apply them correctly and habitually.

A sales professional’s ability to modify his or her behavior is the key predictor to success.  It is only through the application of a sound, proven sales technique, that the investment of time spent learning the technique will pay dividends.

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