Tips for Managing Social Media Customer Service

August 3, 2012

If your customer service team is stretched to its limits and struggling to keep up with customer demands, perhaps moving some of your customer service activities over to social media may be a good option? Social media is growing as a platform for dealing with customer service issues from consumer product complaints to technical support. This is particularly true as a younger generation influences the way people interact with each other.

A December 2011 benchmark study conducted by DMG Consulting focused on how companies are using social media for customer service initiatives. This study revealed that that “more than two-thirds of enterprises are already using social media for a variety of activities that often include some form of customer service”. (Source:  At the time this study took place, there were few companies who understood the power of this medium for dealing with customer service needs, but this has improved.

Do people use social media for customer service?

You may be asking if social media is a viable option for customer services? The answer was discovered in a Zendesk survey and infographic, approximately “73 percent of people say that if they were supplied the right tools, they would be happy to interact with customer service on the social level. Currently, the majority of customer support requests have been in the retail sector, with telecommunications following in second place.” (Source:

That’s pretty powerful evidence that people are turning to social media for live support and to have their voices heard. But, how can you manage this, if you choose to dive headfirst into social media for customer service?

  1. Choose a knowledgeable team of customer service representatives who understand social media.
  2. Develop a single, branded social media account to field all customer service inquiries, for ease in management.
  3. Respond quickly and tactfully to all customer service questions or comments to build a virtual FAQ of information that represents your best CSR answers.
  4. Use social media organization and analytical tools to measure your success and identify peak periods of use.

By learning how social media can enhance your current customer service skills and team efforts, take the time to get to know social media well. Learn to communicate effectively on social media sites by adding Dale Carnegie courses to your employee development strategy.

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