It is All About People in Every Organization

August 7, 2012

Leaders across Indianapolis and throughout Indiana are always looking for new talent. In Major League Baseball, it takes less than a season of losing to trade off veterans for new and dynamic talent. In organizations, it often does not work exactly that way; but these businesses who are struggling on virtually any front will indeed look for improvement through people.

Back in the 1970’s, it almost was a challenge to be a “people” person. Many larger organizations looked at production versus productivity and did not realize that engagement is critical for success.

In fact, when asked to identify the most critical characteristic needed by management today, senior executives say, “the ability to work with people”.

Activities drive all of the management systems in every business. Leaders today recognize that without people, production, distribution, engineering, design, sales, and research all suffer. It is the ability of people to organize, direct, and control these various functions that make the business thrive and prosper.

Decisions are made and problems are solved by knowledgeable and skilled employees. Everything is carried out by people. Not only is the largest operating budget human capital, it is indeed the most valuable asset. In Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Training for Managers, 2006, it is stated as fact that 75% of an executive’s time is spent working with people.

It is important to remember that without talented people, there is no organization. There are no systems and functions, and there is no completion of objectives and goals. People indeed create and drive not only the organization but its leadership. There will never be the next level or continued success without them.


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