6 Signals that Leadership is an Issue

August 15, 2012

We spend a good deal of our professional lives assessing how good leadership should be and what good leaders believe. Here in Indiana, we want to be successful for our employees and for the organizations we represent. But what about when there is poor leadership within a business? How about that one solo individual who almost anti-leads in an organization and quickly makes the entire team worse?

Here are six signals that leadership is an issue and might be a major problem.

  • Lack of trust and integrity: This is on both sides. No one will trust the boss and no one believes in the direction the company is heading to; trust is earned and it must grow daily.
  • Nonchalant: Not caring about values, mission, guiding principles and culture can indeed happen in the leadership ranks. Being involved is essential to success.
  • Large ego: Of course it is okay to have an ego. But when it effects relationships and strategy it becomes a problem as big as the ego itself.
  • Lack of responsibility: Just being in that corner office is not enough. Off- site meetings are sometimes a sign. Responsibility, visibility, and accountability go hand-in-hand.
  • Poor communication skills: Being blunt and direct might save time but no one will come to you asking for a solution. Messengers are very important and it is through conversation that issues get resolved.
  • Reactors: Snap decisions based on reactions will sometimes allow for more error that it is worth. Getting the big picture and taking a little time to assess the problem or decision can make or break leadership.

Leadership that is not healthy can create an array of issues for everyone in the organization. Fortunately, these leaders often do not last long; but the damage sometimes lasts.


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