2 Ways to Build Sales the Right Way in Indiana

August 28, 2012

In sales, especially here and across Indiana, we are so focused on getting new clients that we often plan heading to the area strip malls, the dentist and doctor offices, and the local restaurants or businesses to cold call and leave a card behind with the person willing to take it.

We know that the odds in cold calling are probably fairly low, but we go with the math and the numbers game; the more cards and calls, the larger the pool and the larger the chance is for a prospect, an appointment and a possible sale.

Many years ago when Southwest Airlines was at the very top of their game, they kept it simple. Passengers who got there first got on the plane first, and they were amazingly quick at getting people on and off the plane, making on time a great marketing strategy. It was a very basic game plan.

As we all know, the sales profession is not rocket science, but it is simply complicated. Since cold calls in a sluggish economy is a very challenging strategy, try NOT SELLING anything. That’s right. Do not sell anything; but be yourself in the following activities:

  • Networking: It is not about selling in networking, it is about the positive visibility and relationship. Attending every single event on the local planet is not a great idea, but attending the ones that have business and solo professionals is a sound strategy. The Chamber of Commerce is a great venue for marketing what we do for a living. The local Business After Hours’ events are also a great place to mingle and get to know other professionals and their “spheres of influence”.
  • Social Media: We are what we tweet and post. We cannot permanently delete any comment without great effort. Facebook is a very informal place, so being helpful, insightful, and conversational are essential strategies to build engagement.  Twitter is more instantaneous so being educational and knowledgeable is important. Twitter serves two wonderful purposes: breaking news and making people better. Stay within those parameters. Google + and Pinterest are in dynamic growth stages so if you join those social sites, stay with both the Facebook and Twitter game plan to create presence.

Never sell anything when you are in an event or commenting social media platform. Selling is a byproduct of networking. Good luck and remember How to Win Friends and Influence People is more than a classic, it is what we do in sales.


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