How to Get Someone to Do What You Want

September 5, 2012

Dale Carnegie knew that the only true way to bring somebody around to doing what you want is to arouse in the person an eager want. In his book How to Develop Self Confidence & Influence People by Public Speaking he demonstrates how Michael E. Whidden of Warwick, Rhode Island, used this principle while working as a territory salesman for the Shell Oil Company.

Mike wanted to become the number-one salesperson in his district, but one service station was holding back. It was run by an older man who could not be motivated to clean up his station. It was in such poor shape that sales were declining significantly.

The manager could not listen to any of Mike’s pleas to upgrade the station. After many exhortations and heart-to-heart talks—all of which had no impact—Mike decided to invite the manager to visit the newest Shell station in his territory.

The manager was so impressed by the facilities at the new station that when Mike visited him the next time, his station was cleaned up and had recorded a sales increase. This enabled Mike to reach the number-one spot in his district. All his talking and discussion hadn’t helped, but by arousing an eager want in the manager, by showing him the modern station, he had accomplished his goal, and both the manager and Mike benefited.

Remember: “First, arouse in the other person an eager want. He who can do this has the whole world with him. He who cannot walks a lonely way.”

Here’s an example of this important principle in action from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Central Indiana:

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