6 Fundamental Sales Strategies

September 11, 2012

Here in Indianapolis, Indiana we are always selling. In sales, it is always 24-7-365. You wake up in the middle of the night doing deals in your head thinking of even better ways to take care of your customers and clients. To truly succeed in sales you must follow the mantra of Winning Friends and Influencing People. It has worked out well for Dale Carnegie and for thousands who have followed it well over the decades. It indeed always starts with you. Going back to common sense basics and reinvesting time into sales fundamentals will allow both growth and opportunity to happen. Look at the following six points as basic training:

  • Start with the mirror: Success begins and ends with a personal commitment to quality relationship building. If you like yourself, it is easier to like and supports others.
  • Manage the ego: Everyone in sales has an ego. Too much and you fail. Too little and you fail as well. Keep the ego under control and you control your sales opportunities.
  • Read: Learn one new strategy every day. Google servant leadership and assess new ways to take care of people and understand their wants and needs.
  • Stick to a plan: Consistency is essential. Making adjustments derived from a well assessed game plan makes sense. Winging it never works well.
  • Ask every time. Most salespeople do not ask for the sale every single client interaction. If you ask for the sale, and begin writing up the proposal 100% of the time, you will sell more products and services.
  • Doing it right: Honesty and integrity are key ingredients to being the best in sales. If you are selling for a living, realize that it is the best profession to create economic success in this country. The better you are; the better we all are.  


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