6 Issues of Failure in Sales

September 21, 2012

Across Indianapolis and throughout Indiana, there are unsuccessful salespeople. Sales, as we all know, are vital to the health of any product or service organization. Selecting people for a sales position and managing turnover are truly full-time jobs typically performed by human resources. Hiring a sales candidate does not necessarily mean success. Recruiting, on boarding, and sales training are ingredients that can, at times, be expensive if there is performance failure in the employee.

Watch for these classic issues that can be a huge part of failure:

  • Lack of drive and/or ambition: These individuals looked very good in the interview and they said all the right things; they just do not do anything while at work and there is never the results leadership and management want on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Poor marketing skills: Conversation is a key aspect of sales. And networking for business is a very important part of it. Not being upbeat and not wanting to get out there and meet people are serious issues.
  • No training: Just as bad as just a little training; training everyone properly and effectively is critical. The Dale Carnegie Sales Training courses are invaluable to making success happen.
  • Too little or too much sales experience: Having some experience in sales is a good thing. Salespeople who come from the teaching and customer service ranks often bring excellent interpersonal skills although they never have sold anything. Veteran salespeople can bring a lot of experience to an organization but often can bring bad habits as well. These habits can spread to other salespeople.
  • Lacking empathy and sympathy: Being in the clients’ shoes and understanding situations that can range from personal to financial are necessary to have success in the selling and buying process. Good sales professionals usually have an outstanding degree of empathy.
  • Early success: We have seen it happen too often. The first month is record setting and the subsequent months are all downhill. There is no success without consistency.

Selling is a great profession here in Indiana. It is not easy to succeed but it is simple if you do the right things right.


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